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We keep moving forward,

opening new doors,

and doing new things,

because we’re curious

and curiosity keeps leading us

down new paths.

– Walt Disney


The Wall

There are several different meanings to the term “The Wall”:

  • The point in a marathon when your body has depleted it’s glycogen reserves (runs out of fuel) and begins to use fat reserves as a fuel source
  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • “A rock opera presented as a double album by the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd, released in late 1979.”  – Wikipedia
  • A place in Facebook where people can post a message
  • Something everyone feels like banging their head against from time to time  🙂
  • Or simply…an actual wall

***Check back in a few days to see the blog “break through the wall” and reveal something new!!***

I wonder what it could be!?

Skyscrapers in Shinjuku

The first 2 photos are the Shinjuku Mitsui Building.

The last 3 photos were taken at different times and all of the buildings are part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Tokyo City Hall).  The buildings are most often referred to as “Tochō” or “Tax Tower”.

The first building is called “Main Building No. 1”.  According to Wikipedia, Architect Kenzo Tange designed the building to look like a computer chip.  This is the 2nd tallest building in Tokyo (and 7th tallest in Japan) with 48 floors.

Friday Flowers

Larry ::: NinePoint Co., Ltd.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take some ‘business photos’ of my neighbor.  Larry is the Managing Director of NinePoint Co., LtdNinePoint Co., Ltd. offers Executive Search services to foreign capital firms operating in or expanding to Japan.

Thanks again to Larry for asking me to do this.  I really enjoyed the practice and the challenge of trying something new with a photo session!


Larry’s “assistant” came along and wanted to get in on the action…

Back to Nature…

Julie in Japan

Julie and I connected through our blogs and our common interest in photography.  This past winter we decided to meet up and practice taking photos of each other!  The weather was definitely challenging…bright sun and an endless amount of cold, winter wind.  We made the best of the weather and had fun learning together!  Julie is currently visiting her home state of sunny California and I look forward to her return to Japan.  More practice to come!

I tried to use the sunlight in different ways, so you might notice a different look throughout the photos…

For some reason, I like the result of this accident…