A Busy Weekend

We made our way to IKEA this weekend to pick up some basic furniture for our house. In order to make a successful trip to IKEA, you must have patience. Patience with the thousands of people at the store. Patience waiting in lines. Patience communicating with people that may or may not speak English. Patience “reading” through the IKEA catalog that is written in Japanese. Patience to get your things delivered. We took our time and just tried to enjoy the adventure as much as possible! Everything is supposed to be delivered on Thursday and we’re looking forward to settling into the house a little more.

Shawn also showed me how to get to Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku. Tokyu Hands is an 8-story building filled with an endless mix of diverse merchandise. Imagine – bikes, harware, camping gear, furniture, stationery, kitchen supplies, bath linens, home decor, leather & wood products, travel accessories, and so on all under one roof. There is nothing is the U.S. to compare this store to. You can buy just about everything except for clothes and major electronic equipment at Tokyu Hands.

On our way to Tokyu Hands, we walked past Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. This store has been open since mid-December 2006 and the line continues to be huge. If you look closely on the right side of the photo, you’ll see a person in a gray shirt standing in line. The line actually re-starts with that person and continues back over a bridge!


I wonder how long the popularity will continue? I will definitely not be waiting in that line – no matter if it is long or short!

We hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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4 Responses to “A Busy Weekend”

  1. Renee Tadych Says:

    Beth – how warm is it there? Most people are carrying umbrellas to shield the sun; today I carried mine due to the rain. To me, standing in a line like that for a doughnut is crazy; no matter what kind of doughnut it is. Do you really think they are the “original” Krispy Kreme or something else?? Maybe sushi? ha,ha

  2. Beth Says:

    The weather has been extremely warm and humid. So muggy, that you are sweating the moment you walk out the door (if you even stopped sweating when you are inside)!

    Several women carry umbrellas to stay out of the sun. It is the complete opposite of American culture. Pale skin is the way to go in Japan!

    I’ll have to take more photos and blog about the many Western influences I have seen here. The doughnuts are just one!

  3. Chunee Says:

    What have I been trying to tell you all these years about light skin! I’m glad you finally understand….

  4. Jen Says:

    Did someone say doughnuts?

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