Making Changes

Sorry for the delay in posting! I’m trying to find a new layout, so I can post larger photos. Don’t be surprised if you see different backgrounds show up over the next several days.

We definitely have a number of photos to share with you from our Thanksgiving trip to Kamakura. For the time being, here is just one photo to keep you entertained.


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5 Responses to “Making Changes”

  1. Chunee Says:

    Love the sunglasses. You look like a celebrity 😉 P.S. for being in an Asian country it’s interesting that the people in the background are all white (*gasp*)….

  2. Shibu Says:

    Nice rucksack! Badger red!

  3. Shawn Says:

    I prefer to call it a satchel, but thanks!

  4. Beth Says:

    I think it’s a man-bag…

  5. Mary Kay Says:

    Fabulous pictures. I enjoy seeing the two of you. The Man-bag looks like the one you gave Patrick, only red.

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