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Let’s Eat!


Kawagoe (“Little Edo”)

In 1893, the town of Kawagoe was destroyed by a fire. During the rebuilding, the Kura-Zukrui (Kura-Style) buildings were built with thick, black, fire-proof clay walls.

Fast-forward to 1945, when the majority of Tokyo was destroyed during World War II. Fortunately, several of the buildings in Kawagoe survived. Today, this provides visitors with a sense of what Tokyo (formerly known as Edo) was like prior to WWII.

The house in the middle of the (below) photo is the Osawa-Ke Jutaku (Osawa Family House) and was built in 1792!

Toki no Kane (The Bell of Time) is a well-known symbol of Kawagoe. It is believed the tower was built over 400 years ago. The tower has burned down several times, but has always been rebuilt by local merchants.

There were a number of people drawing the tower from different angles…

One way to tour the city…

No matter where you go in Japan, Tommy Lee Jones is ALWAYS there for you. 🙂

We found 1 tree with a few remaining blossoms…

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The Orange House


See Beautiful: Sakura

The cherry blossoms (sakura) were in bloom when we returned to Tokyo from our trip to the U.S.

Hanami (flower viewing) parties are very popular this time of the year. There are literally thousands of people sitting under the trees – celebrating all day and night.

These are pictures from Yoyogi Park during the middle of the week, so the crowds don’t look too bad. All of the parks were packed with people over the weekend!

The next picture is just a glimpse of what it looked like when the blossoms were falling from the trees. I love this picture because it looks like it’s snowing!

Let’s see…falling blossoms or the real thing? I’ll take the falling blossoms instead of the snow! The pictures below are from the day we left Minneapolis. It was snowing (yet again)!

A View from the Car


The next time you’re on a road trip and need something to do, pull out your camera and take photos from the car. You don’t even need to stop the car to do this (assuming you’re the passenger)! 🙂