Pasta…and a Trip to Des Moines

While we were back in the U.S., Shawn and I drove to Des Moines to visit my family. Actually…Shawn drove and I assumed my usual spot as the passenger.

My grandmother came over and shared her recipe for pasta and meatballs. I will include the the recipe and more photos in a different post!

There is nothing like my grandma’s pasta!!

After dinner, my parents hosted an open house for family and friends. My mom and sister made a number of wonderful goodies for everyone to enjoy. (Including a huge carrot cake!)

Sarah and I grew up together, but we have not seen each other for SEVERAL years. It was great to catch up with Sarah and her family.

Mallory with her Great Grandma and Grandpa…

The happy parents!

There were so many people that came over to visit! Shawn and I were so busy catching up with everyone, that we forgot to take photos!!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by. It was nice to see you! Let us know when you want to come visit us in Japan.


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