Friday Flowers

Most of these photos were taken in the spring.  The weather is now too hot (totemo atsui –  とても暑い) for the delicate flowers to survive.  I will have to go out and take some photos of the hearty summer flowers that can survive in this heat and humidity!  Enjoy…

The scent of gardenias was the perfect aroma to fill the air when we were out for a morning run.  Unfortunately, the weather is now incredibly hot, so the gardenias have died off for the season.

Stay cool and have a nice weekend!

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A random bike on the street…

Weird Weather Day

I haven’t forgotten about the blog!  There is a lot to post, but I thought I would share a few photos from today.

I tried to get a photo of a butterfly while the sun was shining (and during the few seconds the butterfly would stay still)…

Then some dark skies came in…

…and then it was back to the sun and bright flowers…

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Kichijoji is a quaint western suburb of Tokyo.  It is a short 15 minute train ride from Shinjuku and is full of cute boutiques and brand-name stores.

After we returned home, I realized I didn’t take too many photos of the “artsy” areas of Kichijoji.  I guess I was too busy looking around and enjoying the slightly more relaxed pace (when compared to the rush of Shinjuku)!

A little something familiar…

Kanji at the Neighborhood Shrine


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Independence Day – Part 2

Happy 4th of July!

Here are more photos from the trip we took a few years ago to Washington D.C.  All of these photos were taken with a film camera. Remember film!?

Independence Day – Part 1

Since we will not be in the U.S. to take part in the small-town celebrations on the 4th of July…

…I thought I would dig into the archives and share some photos of a trip we took to Washington D.C. a few years ago. We ran the Marine Corps Marathon as part of our vacation. 🙂

This is what we will be missing out on in the U.S.

There is nothing like an over-sized grocery cart in the local parade!  I wonder how you get selected to ride in the cart…?  🙂

Check back tomorrow and I will post a few more photos from the trip!