Japanese Baseball

A few weeks ago we attended our first baseball game in Tokyo.  Baseball is a very popular sport in Japan, so we decided we had to experience the fun!  In Japanese, “baseball” is called “yakyū” (野球) – which combines the characters for field and ball.  Japanese baseball teams are named after their corporate owners (like Yakult and Hanshin), rather than the city they play in.

We watched the Yakult Swallows take on the Hanshin Tigers.  The game was held at the Swallows home field called Meiji-Jingu Stadium.  This is Tokyo’s oldest and most traditional ballpark.

No…it was not raining during the game.  (It was extremely humid though!)  Every time the Swallows scored a run, the fans bring out umbrellas!  Per JapanBall.com, this is the fans way of discreetly telling the opposing pitcher it’s time to head for the showers.

The Tigers fans were just as crazy…

The fans will cheer the ENTIRE time their team is up-to-bat.  Both sides have people designated to lead the cheers.  If you look closely in the above photo, you will see the leader to the left of the guy wearing the red shirt.  He has his hands in the air and looks like he is directing a marching band.

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3 Responses to “Japanese Baseball”

  1. NPB Bullet Points (2008/08/16) » NPB Tracker Says:

    […] SeeBeautiful published some excellent photographs from a recent Tigers-Swallows game. […]

  2. Bob Bavasi Says:

    What terrific photos from the game at Jingu Stadium. What fun!

    Thanks for mentioning us in such a delightful piece.

    Take care.

    Bob Bavasi

  3. seebeautiful Says:

    Hi Bob – Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your website! It is nice to have a such an informative and helpful site in English!

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