Mt. Fuji – Part 2

The Sunrise

After our long climb up Mt. Fuji, we made it to the summit just in time to watch the sunrise.  It was a little strange watching this – while being sandwiched between the clouds.

I like the silhouette of the climber in this one…

It seemed as though everyone else on the mountain was wearing “real” mountain gear.  We improvised.  I think Shawn was only wearing 2 layers of clothes…while I was wearing 5 layers + 2 pair of gloves + a hat + an ear warmer under the hat.  I could have easily used another pair of gloves and socks!  🙂

Check out the short video we took with our little camera.  Turn up the volume so you don’t miss the sound of the gentle breeze!

The next photo shows you how quickly the clouds came in and started to cover up the sunrise.

Within a few seconds after taking this photo, the sky became completely covered in clouds and the sun was nowhere to be found.  It was almost as though the sunrise didn’t even happen.

After it clouded over, we walked around the summit for a short time and tried to find some of the other people we climbed with.  We were so cold at that point, that we purchased 2 cans of hot chocolate for roughly $8.00.  What a deal!

At some point during the climb, our group split up and people climbed as far as they could.  Here are a few photos that other people captured from some of the lower stations on the mountain.  I’m amazed at how different the views were, depending on where people were located on the mountain.

I love how blue the sky is in this one…

Stay tuned for the 3rd and final post!  Have you become bored of this story yet?  We still had to walk back DOWN the mountain!  Just as we were going to begin our journey down, we ran into one of our friends.  We started the trek together and eventually met up with the rest of our group.  More to come..

If you haven’t yet checked out Part 1 of our Mt. Fuji climb, click here to see the photos!


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