Odawara Castle

A few weekends ago, we took a day trip to the Hakone area using the Hakone Free Pass.  (I’ll explain the ‘free pass’ in my next blog entry.)  For now, enjoy the pictures from the quick pit-stop we made en route to Hakone.  We stopped off to visit Odawara Castle in…none other than…Odawara!

The sidewalks leading to the castle were marked with a variety of tiles.  The picture in the upper left corner says, “Welcome to Odawara Castle”.

I thought it was odd to see an elephant living next to the castle…

Nice feet!  I wonder how many toenails this one loses every year?   🙂

Next stop: Hakone


2 Responses to “Odawara Castle”

  1. toranosuke Says:

    Wow. You guys really get around. What are you up to I wonder that you have the time and the money to travel so much?

    One of the many things I loved about living in Yokohama this past year was access to the rest of Japan – so much easier to visit Kanazawa and Okinawa and Kyoto from Yokohama than from New York (obviously).

    And I did quite a bit of travelling… made it to Naha/Shuri, to Fukuoka & Dazaifu, to Kanazawa, a brief weekend trip to Kyoto/Fushimi/Uji, and countless adventures in Kamakura, Tokyo, and Yokohama.

    But you’re constantly posting pictures of different places… I’m just envious, that’s all.

    Keep up the good work. I love your posts.

  2. seebeautiful Says:

    Hi Toranosuke – It’s so nice to hear from you again and read your kind note! We are definitely trying to get out and see as much as we can (in between work, grad school, and everything else!) The busier we are, the more efficient we are at cramming things into our days! The best way we save money is by doing day trips and not staying overnight. The days can be long (especially some of those train rides), but it’s definitely worth it!

    I will have to look up some of the places you listed. We need to do some (overnight) trips outside of the Tokyo area…so I am open to any recommendations you might have! Please send more info my way!! 🙂

    Thanks again – hope to hear from you soon!

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