Christmas Eve 2008 – Part 2

We had a great time celebrating the holidays with our family and friends in the U.S. this year!  Enjoy a few more photos from Christmas Eve.  (I stepped on the other side of the camera for!!)   🙂

A future blog post will be dedicated to Mallory – so stay tuned!

I just had to share another photo of my beautiful grandma!

My grandparents have been blessed with 11 grandchildren and 10 GREAT grandchildren.  Below are 6 of the “great” ones.

It’s always fun to try and get a family photo with everyone looking in the same direction…

“Hey, look over here!!”    Ok, this one didn’t work either.  Maybe next time!   🙂


More cousins!!

Someone has never seen a camera before.

My “twin cousin” and I had not seen each other in over 2 years.  Do you think our smiles could get any bigger?!  (I also like the boxes growing out of Ashley’s head.)

Ashley and her sister, Stephanie…

My sister and I…

Next up:  Farewell Iowa…we’re off to Wisconsin to see Shawn’s family on Christmas Day!  Maybe I’ll get all of the holiday photos posted before spring arrives…just maybe…  🙂


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  1. eliesa Says:

    Thanks for stopping by our blog! Love yours as well!

    Cheers, eliesa

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