Mallory :: My Niece



4 Responses to “Mallory :: My Niece”

  1. Julie Ann Says:

    Awww, she is a cutie! I love how little ones can make so many different faces in a matter of minutes! (I love the one of her picking her nose…it’s so innocent!)
    Glad to see you’re blogging more 🙂

  2. seebeautiful Says:

    Who doesn’t like a little nose-picking action?! These will be fun to look back on when she is older. (Hopefully she doesn’t hate me for posting them!) 🙂

  3. Amy Says:

    These are so great!! Come take pictures of Lucy please!!!

  4. seebeautiful Says:

    Amy!!! Next time we are in town, we should get together! I would love to catch up and do some photos of your family!! I’ll let you know next time we’re around.

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