Thank you Melissa and Gary!!

On Sunday, Shawn and I took a break from our studies and walked around the Photo Imaging Expo in Tokyo. Thanks to the power of social networking, we were able to meet and enjoy lunch with the dynamic duo of Gary Fong and Melissa Carl. Gary is an incredible entrepreneur and slightly well-known in the photography community. My write up will not do him justice, so I encourage you to read up on Gary for yourself and check out the business website – Gary Fong Inc.

Gary and Melissa were in Japan for the initial launch of Gary’s products to the Japan market. (There is no doubt their products will be well-received in Japan!) We had a great time getting a peak inside their creative minds, as well as listening to their stories on how impressed they are with everything in Japan. We can’t say enough about how down-to-earth and hilarious they are! Maybe it’s the ‘midwest connection’ that Melissa, Shawn and I share. 🙂 Their energy is contagious and we walked away feeling so inspired!!

Melissa & Gary – We honestly can’t thank you enough for your time. This was an experience we will definitely not forget! (Can you say “C-o-l-l-a-p-s-i-b-l-e”?)  We look forward to following the success of your business and meeting up with you on your next trip to Japan.

Arigato gozaimaus!!

# 21 and 22  🙂

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Abby + Jason

Spring is finally starting to make an appearance in Tokyo!  The birds are chirping outside our window, the sun is rising earlier in the morning, and the cherry blossoms are just about ready to bloom.  Even though we are in living in a busy city of millions, there always seems to be a refreshing buzz of new life and energy that fills the air this time of year.

Our friends Abby and Jason are preparing for the addition of a new life of their own!  They are patiently awaiting the birth of their first child!

When Abby asked if I would capture a few pregnancy pictures, I was honored, excited and nervous.  So many thoughts rattled through my mind.  “I’ve never done this before…I’m not a pro…I’m excited to practice, but what settings do I use…how do I make Abby & Jason feel comfortable…what if the photos don’t turn out…ahh…overload!”

Shawn is too familiar with me over-analyzing things, so he simply said to me, “Just have fun.”  Perfect advice…and that is just what we did.  A few weeks ago, I met Abby, Jason, and their ‘baby-to-be’  at the Meiji Shrine for an afternoon (of fun) in the sun.

Doesn’t Abby look totally radiant!?


Best.hat.ever!  🙂

I love how peaceful Abby and Jason look in these photos.  It’s a perfect reflection of their strong faith and beautiful marriage.

Abby & Jason – Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture memories of this exciting time in your lives.  Shawn and I look forward to meeting the new life that you will introduce to the world!

I have so much to learn about photography, but I am excited with the results of this new experience!  I can’t wait to practice even more!  Does anyone want to be a ‘model’?  🙂

Someone New is Coming Soon…

…but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow!  🙂

Don’t you just love Abby’s hat!?

I almost forgot…HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

Chinese New Year

Many, many moons ago we celebrated the Chinese New Year with our neighbors.  Everyone prepared food to enjoy…

Fresh Figs on Friday

I just remembered that I prepared a few blog entries several months ago, but I never actually posted them!  I still have plenty of current photos to share with everyone, but I thought I would share some of the older items first.

I think “fig” is a strange word.  I don’t know why, but the more I look at the word fig, the more I think I’ve spelled it wrong.  Anyway, fresh figs are tasty and they are an excellent source of nutrition.  Unfortunately, fig season in Japan is only during the fall.  I wish they were available year-round!

No recipes with this post…just enjoy the beauty and taste figs in their natural form!  🙂