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We keep moving forward,

opening new doors,

and doing new things,

because we’re curious

and curiosity keeps leading us

down new paths.

– Walt Disney


1 Year Down, 1 More to Go…

On Saturday, Shawn and I completed our first year of grad school for our MBA!  Just one more year of late nights, exams, presentations, papers, case studies, group projects, and complicated financial equations (that I am still trying to figure out)…

We have a break before beginning our 2nd year of classes and Golden Week has arrived at the perfect time!  We are taking a break from everything and departing for Singapore this morning (Tuesday).  This is our first vacation in a very, very, very long time and we are looking forward to it!  I just need to make it through the 7 hour flight first…

The temps in Singapore are a cool 90+ degrees – with a 105+ degree heat index.  This should be good for my ghostly white skin.  🙂

Chinese New Year

Many, many moons ago we celebrated the Chinese New Year with our neighbors.  Everyone prepared food to enjoy…

Mallory :: My Niece


From WI to MN…and a visitor

After the Christmas celebrations in Wisconsin, we headed back to Minnesota to spend a few more days catching up with friends before we flew back to Japan.  It was a little foggy in the early part of the trip.

The same day we drove back to Minnesota, my cousin stopped by our house to say hello.  Ashley drove up from Iowa to surprise her college roommate with a visit during their winter break.  We went to one of my favorite parks and took a few random photos.

“Hi!  My name is Ashley.  I am an excellent soccer keeper AND I can walk on water.”

Only in MN…   🙂

You have a bright future ahead of you…

Christmas Day 2008

Better late than never – right!?

On Christmas Day, we departed Iowa in the early morning to make our 6 hour journey to Wisconsin.  I was kind of bored during the ride…

Even though the ride was boring, we were able to watch a beautiful sunrise…

The roads were a little empty on Christmas morning…

We finally made it to Wisconsin and enjoyed the day.  Yes, my jacket has special powers.  🙂

I don’t remember what we were laughing at, but it made for a good photo…

We ended the day with some live Christmas music.  It’s a long-time tradition with Shawn’s family.  🙂  🙂

Christmas Eve 2008 – Part 2

We had a great time celebrating the holidays with our family and friends in the U.S. this year!  Enjoy a few more photos from Christmas Eve.  (I stepped on the other side of the camera for!!)   🙂

A future blog post will be dedicated to Mallory – so stay tuned!

I just had to share another photo of my beautiful grandma!

My grandparents have been blessed with 11 grandchildren and 10 GREAT grandchildren.  Below are 6 of the “great” ones.

It’s always fun to try and get a family photo with everyone looking in the same direction…

“Hey, look over here!!”    Ok, this one didn’t work either.  Maybe next time!   🙂


More cousins!!

Someone has never seen a camera before.

My “twin cousin” and I had not seen each other in over 2 years.  Do you think our smiles could get any bigger?!  (I also like the boxes growing out of Ashley’s head.)

Ashley and her sister, Stephanie…

My sister and I…

Next up:  Farewell Iowa…we’re off to Wisconsin to see Shawn’s family on Christmas Day!  Maybe I’ll get all of the holiday photos posted before spring arrives…just maybe…  🙂