Larry ::: NinePoint Co., Ltd.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take some ‘business photos’ of my neighbor.  Larry is the Managing Director of NinePoint Co., LtdNinePoint Co., Ltd. offers Executive Search services to foreign capital firms operating in or expanding to Japan.

Thanks again to Larry for asking me to do this.  I really enjoyed the practice and the challenge of trying something new with a photo session!


Larry’s “assistant” came along and wanted to get in on the action…


Julie in Japan

Julie and I connected through our blogs and our common interest in photography.  This past winter we decided to meet up and practice taking photos of each other!  The weather was definitely challenging…bright sun and an endless amount of cold, winter wind.  We made the best of the weather and had fun learning together!  Julie is currently visiting her home state of sunny California and I look forward to her return to Japan.  More practice to come!

I tried to use the sunlight in different ways, so you might notice a different look throughout the photos…

For some reason, I like the result of this accident…

Anthony Marinaro |::| Out of Box Event Planning & Management

When Shawn and I were in the U.S.  during the holidays, we met up with Anthony – a friend of over 25 years!  Anthony owns and runs Out of Box Event Planning & Management.  Anthony is definitely the “go-to guy” in the Des Moines, IA area for event planning and catering.  Springtime brings the beginning of wedding season, which means Anthony is busy planning multiple events.  If you or someone you know is getting married, contact Anthony to plan your wedding!  Anthony will take care of all of your need in style and he will keep you laughing through the process!  Contact information can be found at the bottom of this post.

We met Anthony at The Village Bean, a great coffee shop in the eclectic East Village area of downtown Des Moines.  (Out of Box serves lunch daily at The Village Bean…so make sure you drop in and say hello to Anthony!)

After we had caught up on life, business and everything in between, I realized the daylight was beginning to disappear.  We quickly headed outside to capture a few photos in the fleeting daylight.  I guess you could call this my first “official”, yet “unofficial” photo shoot.  Anthony was the first person I’ve attempted to do a portrait session with…but we only had about 20 minutes to complete the session!  (I guess we should have stopped talking earlier in the day, to leave more time for taking photos!)  I love Anthony’s style and I look forward to doing more of an “official” photo session the next time we are back in Iowa.  I am waaay overdue in posting these photos, but hopefully the delay was worth it.  🙂

This one is my favorite…

Twins…?  🙂  No!  There is only one Anthony!

Cheers to another 25 years of friendship and laughter!  🙂

Abby + Jason

Spring is finally starting to make an appearance in Tokyo!  The birds are chirping outside our window, the sun is rising earlier in the morning, and the cherry blossoms are just about ready to bloom.  Even though we are in living in a busy city of millions, there always seems to be a refreshing buzz of new life and energy that fills the air this time of year.

Our friends Abby and Jason are preparing for the addition of a new life of their own!  They are patiently awaiting the birth of their first child!

When Abby asked if I would capture a few pregnancy pictures, I was honored, excited and nervous.  So many thoughts rattled through my mind.  “I’ve never done this before…I’m not a pro…I’m excited to practice, but what settings do I use…how do I make Abby & Jason feel comfortable…what if the photos don’t turn out…ahh…overload!”

Shawn is too familiar with me over-analyzing things, so he simply said to me, “Just have fun.”  Perfect advice…and that is just what we did.  A few weeks ago, I met Abby, Jason, and their ‘baby-to-be’  at the Meiji Shrine for an afternoon (of fun) in the sun.

Doesn’t Abby look totally radiant!?


Best.hat.ever!  🙂

I love how peaceful Abby and Jason look in these photos.  It’s a perfect reflection of their strong faith and beautiful marriage.

Abby & Jason – Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture memories of this exciting time in your lives.  Shawn and I look forward to meeting the new life that you will introduce to the world!

I have so much to learn about photography, but I am excited with the results of this new experience!  I can’t wait to practice even more!  Does anyone want to be a ‘model’?  🙂

Someone New is Coming Soon…

…but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow!  🙂

Don’t you just love Abby’s hat!?

I almost forgot…HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

Mallory :: My Niece